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  • Handpan Bag
  • Handpan Scale: Top Note: D3. Side notes: A3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4.
  • The Handpan pictured is the one you will receive.
  • Each note is tuned with a fundamental, octave, fifth for a rich sound.
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Price: $1,295.00

    Handpan by HAPI.

    This is our best value for beginner handpan players. This handpan has a rustic, less polished finish.

    El Capitan Scale (derived from D Minor): Ding D3, A3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4. Bottom Udu tone tuned to F2. Bottom shell tuned to E5.

    The top note is D3. Side notes from lowest to highest are A3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4. This instrument has a beautiful bloom, the top note excites the side notes into ringing. This increases the harmonic tones. The bottom Udu tone is tuned to F2. The bottom shell is tuned to E5. The El Capitan Scale has a very low top (ding) note which adds bass to the scale. This very deep sounding note adds contrast and plays off the high notes very nicely. There are many overlapping harmonics throughout the scale which help produce an amazing robust sound.

    All the notes are tuned with a fundamental, octave and fifth harmonic for a rich sound.

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    Made from heat treated steel. Hand worked, and carefully tuned with a strobe tuner. This handpan is made with thousands upon thousands of precision hammer blows. Please allow for imperfections in handmade instruments like this one. They are normal and may include blemishes, scratches, and nicks. It is part of the normal process in the hammering and tuning, each one is made by hand and is unique.

    Handpan Dimensions: Measures 21 inches across (33cm), 9.5 inches tall (24cm). Weighs only 8.5lbs (3.85kg). Fits comfortably in the lap for playing.

    Custom made solid rubber ring around the side of the handpan to help protect the instrument.

    Also included is our FREE specially designed armored bag (reg. price $149.99). If you have made the investment in a handpan you will want to protect it with a quality travel bag. This is a tough bag that will help ensure the safe transport of your handpan for everyday use. The bag is constructed from durable nylon and uses a heavy duty zipper with internal protective zipper flap. Plastic armor is sewn under the nylon on both the front and back of the bag. Soft padding is also sewn into the full inside of the bag. It has comfortable adjustable shoulder straps, waist belt and hand carry straps. The waist belt is removable for when it is not needed. The bag also includes a mesh water bottle carrier for when you go to jam in the park. It is designed so the handpan rests comfortably in the small of your back following the contour of your body. As a rock climber and outdoor enthusiast, I have tested and designed this bag to have optimal weight distribution and carrying comfort.

    This bag may not protect the instrument from hard bumps or falls. Soon we will be offering a special form fitting hard case that will protect your handpan. The handpan and hard case will still fit inside this bag, for ultimate protection. Ideal for air travel and gigs.

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    • HAPI Handpan.
    • FREE armored travel bag.
    • Instruction booklet.

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    Customer Reviews

    • Oh MY!!! I was literally on the edge of my seat all day and now it's finally here! My new instrument! Grahm, THANK YOU so much for all of your hard work on this amazing instrument. I cannot wait to learn how to play. It's absolutely gorgeous, it sounds beautiful and has an amazing bloom, WAY better than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
    • I have never been happier with any instrument before. It seems to have the ability to sync with the primitive mind, allowing for an almost immediate ability to play, regardless of musical background or experience level. It is not just the mesmerizing sounds you hear that make it so joyful. There is a component to it that you physically feel; reverberations of a therapeutic and soothing quality. It is a true work of art in all ways; a beautiful masterpiece.
    • I am extremely pleased with the Hapi Handpan. This is a great pan, and the sound and resonance is absolutely great. I am still learning its particular playing techniques due to the individual work of sound art that it is. I own and have played many others, and your pan is the one that I will use for creative meditation. The sound is open, and all notes are evenly matched, and well in tune. The entire Handpan is very pleasing visually, and the craftsmanship is very high. I will purchase again.
    • I am delighted to tell you my Hapi Handpan arrived this morning. Thanks for the great service. It came so fast from when I placed the order to when it was in my hands. You packaged is so well, too, and it arrived in perfect condition. It looks and sounds beautiful. I am so pleased and look forward to playing it often for my own contemplative enjoyment and for the deep relaxation of students at the end of my yoga classes. Thanks so much for all your dedicated, hands-on learning and labor of love that have gone into making this instrument. I have already been playing and loving three Hapi tongue drums, and this handpan brings my appreciation and potential for meditative musical expression into another wondrous dimension.
    • It arrived safe and sound! Sounds amazing, just as good as any handpan I have heard on the internet! Thank you very much. Your creation will be heard by many people and I will be sure to tell them where it is from...thank you again.

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    Overall Customer Rating of 10 Reviews:

    It sounds terrific

    Finally i get it, after 3 weeks blocked at the airport (damned french customs).

    What could i say ? I love the package (soft bag and hard case), that's great, but the handpan Inside is greater :)

    A pure sound, etheric, magic…

    Now i have to learn how to play but i guess it will be fun.


    Thank you again :)

    Thank you so much

    Thank you so much for all the hard work put into this little piece of beauty. I love it so so so so much!!! It is by far the most majestic thing I ever owned in my life. I will practice hard and make you proud.


    Incredible Sound

    It came in yesterday and I was immediately in love. The sound is mesmerizing and it was very intuitive to play, already having purchased a Hapi Mini in the past.

    There is some maintenance required to keep the steel in its best condition, but it's certainly easy to do so. The manual mentions that tuning can fall out of place over time and that the first tune from Hapi is free, however, due to the very high customs price I had to pay (almost $350 to Canada), I'll likely have to look into another way to get this drum retuned when it's time.

    Until then, I'll Hapily be playing away. Thanks for this amazing product!

    Ocean Isle Beach, NC

    An Instrument Like No Other

    Upon receiving and opening my drum (which was packaged beyond perfect and safe) I could feel the energy from the creator Grahm, fused with love and good energy. The first few notes were like a dream-- I've been imagining a drum this magical since I was a little girl. The rhythm that flows through me is from another dimension, uplifting, awakening my soul. I could not be more impressed, thankful and blessed to have received this handpan as a gift from my husband encouraging me to follow my dreams. I will play with all my heart, body and mind to by chance, someday, master the art of handpan. Empowering me to spread love and peace to this aching world. I am so honored to own this HAPI drum! Everyone who sees it has never seen one in person and are blown away by it's beauty and the craftsmanship! Thank you! Namaste


    I just got my brand new handpan and it's perfect! It's so playable right out of the box! Thank you so much for your help with this order and for making such a gorgeous instrument. I look forward to spending many creative and relaxing days with this handpan!