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Package Includes:

  • Eucalyptus Didgeridoo from Australia
  • Instruction DVD on how to play Didgeridoo
  • Padded Travel Bag (red or blue, color varies)
  • Rhythm Sticks (design varies)


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    A great package for a beginner or intermediate player! Our eucalyptus didgeridoos are crafted in Australia. Made from ironbark eucalyptus, which is a very hard wood and makes an excellent instrument. They have a gorgeous satin protective finish that lets the wood grain show through. The natural bark has been left on the bottom of the didgeridoo and is also sealed with the satin protective finish. Each Didgeridoo is a unique one of a kind piece of art. The didgeridoo pictured is very similar to the one you will receive (satisfaction guaranteed). The wood grain pattern will vary. A brand new beeswax mouthpiece has been applied. The beeswax mouthpiece brings the diameter of the didgeridoo down to the perfect size and shape - it is ready to play out of the box!

    • Key: comes in a mid-range key that is great to learn on
    • Average Top (outer width): 2.5"
    • Average Bell (outer width): 4.5"
    • Average Height: 49"
    • Average Weight: 8.5 lbs.
    • Experience level: beginner, intermediate
    • Mouthpiece: beeswax
    • Material: ironbark eucalyptus
    • Backpressure:
    • Harmonics:
    • Vocals:
    • Volume:
    • Overall Rating:

    • This package deal includes our 2 hour long instruction DVD. Shot in and around breathtaking Yosemite National Park. A jam packed DVD with many in depth didgeridoo exercises and playing methods. Excellent for beginners to learn about the didgeridoo and how to play. A valuable resource for intermediate players to pick up new rhythms and techniques.
    • Also included is our extra thick foam padded cloth bag that will protect your didgeridoo when you are on the move. The shoulder strap is sewn completely around the bag for extra strength. The top closes easily with draw strings. *Bag color will vary.
    • And finally, included is a pair of painted 10" rhythm sticks that are made from hard wood which create a very clean distinguished sound. Place one stick in your hand, with a stick in the other hand you can strike them together creating the "clap" sound used to keep a rhythm going. Lightly strike the other stick against it for a loud clap. *Design will vary on the painted rhythm sticks.

    A didgeridoo is traditionally made from one of many species of eucalyptus branches or saplings. Species of eucalyptus number in the hundreds but only about a dozen species are used for didgeridoo making. The eucalyptus is naturally hollowed out by termites whose nests abound in the millions in Australia. It takes at least a year for the termites to hollow a tree out. It has to be "just right". The varying length of the wood that is sawed off and its thickness and shape will determine which key the instrument will be in. Harvesting has to be timed so that the wall thickness of the instrument is not too thin or not too thick. Making for the perfect instrument.

    Hear the most popular eucalyptus didgeridoo keys:

    Backpressure, Harmonics, Vocals, Volume explained:

    • Backpressure: the resistance of air you feel from the inside of a didgeridoo while you are playing it. Usually small diameter tubes have more backpressure and large diameter tubes have less. Good backpressure allows you to circular breathe more easily and be efficient with your air flow.
    • Harmonics: the didgeridoo has a fundamental key. Harmonics are higher frequencies found within the fundamental key. They can be manipulated by the placement of your tongue while playing. For example, while playing the didge position your tongue like saying the letter "e", but do not use your vocal cords. This will create a harmonic.
    • Vocals: vocal response is the ability of the didgeridoo to project sound from your vocal cords while playing the drone. Usually larger diameter didges have better vocal response than smaller diameter didges.
    • Volume: the amount of sound that is produced.