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  • More note range than any other didgeridoo on the market!
  • Includes: Travel Slide Didge Combo, Bag and FREE Instruction DVD.
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs / 3.9 lbs with bag.
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    One didgeridoo to rule them all.

    Largest note range of any didgeridoo on the market. From C3 to B1. That’s over an octave range! Flats or sharps will be midway between the listed note lengths.

    4 interlocking tubes allows this to collapse to the shortest size possible of any slide didgeridoo, only 24”. Yet it can also extend to a whopping 74.5” for rumbling low notes.

    No worries about accidentally pulling your didge apart. Each section has a slightly flared end so that it will not come apart when fully extended. Once fully extended this also makes for an even tighter and better seal. The most popular keys for the didgeridoo are E2, D2 and C2. These are reached after maxing out the first two sliding sections. Most recommend learning in the key of D. However, everyone is different. For example, if you are struggling with learning circular breathing, you can try higher keys and see if that is easier for you.

    Freestyle change of the pitch while playing. Simply slide the didgeridoo longer or shorter while playing. There is a firm feel while changing the pitch so it will not collapse accidentally while playing. This creates an auto friction lock yet still allows movement. The tight seal also limits air bleeding through and affecting the quality of sound. No lubrication required.

    Every player gets a slightly different pitch while playing the same length didgeridoo due to lip tension, mouth shape and harmonic pitches used. Use our listed lengths below as a great starting point. To get more precise, mark your didge with a permanent pen to index your exact desired pitch lengths. Use a free chromatic tuner app on your phone or, for a small fee, Peterson Strobe Tuners offers an app where you can set your desired pitch in the tuner and it shows how flat or sharp you are until reaching perfect pitch. For professional players you can also mark your didge with 440hz (standard concert pitch) and 432hz tuning depending on what your needs require.

    • 24” Collapsed
    • C3 = 36” (First sliding tube fully extended)
    • B2 = 37.5”
    • A2 = 43”
    • G2 = 48”
    • F2 = 52.5”
    • 54.5” (Second tube fully extended)
    • E2 = 57”
    • D2 = 63”
    • C2 = 70”
    • B1 = 74.5” (Third tube fully extended)

    The top tube has an internal diameter of 1.25” this strikes a great balance between strong back pressure for circular breathing while also keeping vocals crisp and clean. Perfect for beginners and advanced players.

    Most people love the sound of a super deep low note on the didgeridoo for meditation and relaxation. This didgeridoo goes all the way down to B1 which has a deep rumbling tone. These lower notes require expert control and are difficult to circular breathe on without losing the drone. With this didge you can start in the mid range at D and work your way step by step down to the lowest note. This makes it much easier to learn how to play these super low tones. You will find higher notes take tighter lip control while low notes require much looser relaxed lip tension.

    For fast rhythmical style playing simply shorten the length and with the higher notes your natural cadence will quicken. This is a great way to expand your repertoire and become a better didgeridoo player.

    Another great thing about the sliding didgeridoo is you can match exact pitch with any other didgeridoo or musical instrument even if they are slightly out of tune. Jamming with your friends will sound amazing!

    Made with a variety of modern materials this didgeridoo is tough and ready to travel. Thick molded walls help concentrate the sound giving it a strong sound.

    Weighs 4 pounds. Light enough for travel but beefy enough to be rugged with a great sound.

    • Keys, full chromatic scale, whole notes including: C3, B2, A2, G2, F2, E2, D2, C2, B1
    • Top (outer width): 1.75"
    • Bell (outer width): 4.5"
    • Height: 24” Collapsed, 74.5" fully extended
    • Experience level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
    • Mouthpiece: silicone
    • Material: durable plastic
    • Backpressure:
    • Harmonics:
    • Vocals:
    • Volume:
    • Overall Rating:

    Backpressure: the resistance of air you feel from the inside of a didgeridoo while you are playing it. Usually small diameter tubes have more backpressure and large diameter tubes have less. Good backpressure allows you to circular breathe more easily and be efficient with your air flow.

    Harmonics: the didgeridoo has a fundamental key. Harmonics are higher frequencies found within the fundamental key. They can be manipulated by the placement of your tongue while playing. For example, while playing the didge position your tongue like saying the letter "e", but do not use your vocal cords. This will create a harmonic.

    Vocals: vocal response is the ability of the didgeridoo to project sound from your vocal cords while playing the drone. Usually larger diameter didges have better vocal response than smaller diameter didges.

    Volume: the amount of sound that is produced.

    Includes: didgeridoo, padded travel bag with shoulder strap, instruction DVD, and instruction booklet. Our 2 hour long jam packed DVD has many in depth didgeridoo exercises and playing methods.

    Brand new instrument - ready to play out of the box.

    Product Video:

    Didgeridoo sleep apnea and snoring? How does playing help?

    Researchers in Switzerland examined 25 patients who suffered from snoring and moderate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, both common sleep disorders. Half the group were given daily 15 to 30 minute lessons in playing the didgeridoo. The study, published in the British Medical Journal's online edition found that those who played didgeridoo over a four-month trial period saw a significant improvement in their daytime sleepiness and apnea. Their partners also reported less disturbance from snoring. The researchers said training the upper airways through the breathing techniques required to play the didgeridoo was behind the improvement. "Our results may give hope to many people with moderate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and snoring, as well as their partners," the report's authors said. While results may vary, we have had customers get back to us. They report that our didgeridoo was easy to learn to play and get the circular breathing technique. They also have seen an improvement in their conditions.

    How long each day do I need to play the didgeridoo to help with sleep apnea and snoring?

    15 to 30 minutes a day.

    How do I play it?

    It does not require a lot of pressure or force to play, you don't blow hard. It is a relaxed lip vibration (like giving a raspberry) that creates the tone. Anyone can play it, your height does not matter. Our 2 hour long jam packed DVD is included with this didgeridoo. It has many in depth didgeridoo exercises and playing methods.

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    Lewiston, Maine, USA

    Amazing Value!

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    I often ride a motorcycle or travel by air so I needed a performance quality didgeridoo that carried compact. I was a bit skeptical at the claims vs. the price point.
    Surprisingly, this didj can hold its own at any performance event. Tuning is very smooth and easy, great volume and articulation. If you are considering the purchase, just do it!