• Create a relaxing sound bath experience.
  • Wonderful tool for meditation.
  • Tuned to musical scales.
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    "Noah Bell" is the common name given to this distinct type of bell. Hand-manufactured in India by ancient and inherited traditions. Many monasteries in India have made Noah Bells for hundreds of years. They are also known as Harmony Bells or Temple Bells.

    These rustic relaxing bells have intricate meditative resonances and a mystique that surrounds them. One tale says that they are divinely imbued with the power to ward off bad spirits and promote good energy in your home.

    Our Noah Bells are tuned to different musical scales and we custom make the wooden stands for holding the bells in groups of 3, 4 or 5 that include 2 mallets. The scales sound great and you need no musical experience to enjoy them. Simply play the bells individually or in any order you like. Allow the tones to overlap for a relaxing sound bath experience.

    They are handmade from harmonic steel and infused with bronze for a rustic look and great sound. They have a beautiful long sustain and rich harmonics. A unique decor and conversation piece in your home. Musicians can also use them in a variety of musical settings.

    Please allow for imperfections in these handmade bells. They are normal and may include blemishes, scratches, and nicks. It is part of the normal process in the hammering and tuning, each one is made by hand and is unique.

    3 Bell – D Major – From highest to lowest - B5, F#5, D5

    • D Major is known as the “Key of Glory”.
    • Bell sizes: 3" x 2.5", 4" x 3.5", 5" x 4"

    4 Bell - B Flat Minor - From highest to lowest – Bb5, F#5, Eb5, Bb4

    • B Flat Minor is an introspective key.
    • Bell sizes: 3" x 2.75", 4" x 3.5", 5" x 4", 6" x 5"

    5 Bell - G Minor - From highest to lowest - Bb5, Eb5, D5, Bb4, G4

    • G Minor is a soul exploring key.
    • Bell sizes: 3" x 2.75", 4.5" x 4", 5.5" x 4", 6.5" x 5", 8" x 6"

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    Sacramento, California

    Almost Perfect

    The bells arrived promptly and in good condition. The bells were well packed in bubble wrap, as were the two black base boards (I ordered the 5 bell G-minor set) and five wood dowels/pegs used to affix/mount the bells to the boards. The bells are most definitely hand hammered and constructed, and are accurately described as “Rustic.” The sound is beautiful. They can easily be played with small mallets (included) or with fingers. The small bell does not have quite the length of sustained tone compared to the other larger bells, but this is a minor issue. A much bigger disappointment is the quality of fit and finish of the hand-made dowels used to mount/affix the bells to the black wooded bases. The circumferences of the dowels are smaller than the holes in the base on the 3 bell unit, resulting in a forward lean of the bells once mounted. The circumference of the dowels at the top – where they attach to the bells - are mis-measured and cut significantly smaller than the circular metal ring mount at the top of the bell (picture a dime-sized pencil through a quarter-sized opening.) The result is a flimsy, if not precarious, connection of bells to the base. I understand the imprecise nature of the “rustic” construction of the bells makes it a bit of a challenge when it comes to creating a proper fit, but I would have expected that issue to be addressed before shipping to customers. The bells sound great! I love them. For the most part they sustain beautiful tones across the scale. They are a joy to play. Yet, the attention to detail in the final construction before shipment could have been better. If you order the bells, and I hope you do, you may find yourself developing your own solution to the inherent unstable mounting solution.