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  • Includes:
    • HAPI Steel Tongue Drum - Trinity
    • Cloth Travel Bag
    • Mallets
    • Instruction Booklet
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    HAPI Steel Tongue Drum - Trinity

    Three guiding principles were used in creating our newest steel tongue drum.

    1. Affordability – A steel tongue drum that anyone can afford without sacrificing the quality that HAPI Drum is known for. The economy and inflation has affected a lot of people. This new low cost drum makes it possible for people to bring happiness into their lives without breaking the bank.

    2. Quality Sound – We sourced a new lower cost steel that allows us to manufacture at a better price. This steel is just as durable as the musical steel we use on our other steel tongue drums. It has slightly less sustain than the other steel but still has a clear strong sound without a lot of overlap from the other notes (which some prefer). Those looking for the longest sustain and professional level instruments for recording etc. should consider one of our other models. Just like all our steel tongue drums, every note is hand tuned by us for pitch accuracy. Perfect pitch helps the overall sound of drum by allowing notes to share harmonics.

    3. Portability – This steel tongue drum is light and portable making it easy to travel with. But, it is big enough so the notes are easy to play for all ages. You can easily hold it one hand. This size also produces a big sound while being compact. The perfect balance of sound and size!

    • There are no wrong notes! Play any note in any order and this steel tongue drum sounds great!
    • Recommended for beginner and intermediate players.
    • Great for intuitive play, meditation, yoga, music and sound therapy.
    • Play it in the park, bring it over to a friend’s house, or take it camping.


    • C Major Pentatonic (C4, D4, E4, G4, A4, C5, D5, E5)

    Dimensions: 8.5" (22cm) wide by 4.25" (11cm) high. Weight: 3.15 lbs (1.43 kg)

    Color: Moonlight Blue - the dark blue color and metallic hammered texture can vary slightly from drum to drum due to the hand mixing process of the coating. Each one is unique! This is a UV resistant durable protective layer for your drum that adds a cool “stone” finished texture.


    • HAPI Trinity Steel Tongue Drum
    • Cloth Bag
    • HAPI Drum Mallets (pair)
    • Instruction Booklet with several songs.
    • Sound isolating rubber feet (installed) for playing on any surface!
    HAPI Drum line

    Product Video:

    HAPI Drum listen with headphones
    HAPI Drum line

    HAPI Drum small parts warning
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    So much better than the cheap drums out there

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I was very disappointed with a cheap drum I purchased on ebay. I took a chance on this one. What a difference in the sound! This drum is your gateway to a world of inspiring music.